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Burst Geyser in Garsfontein
Pretoria East Geyser Replacement

Geysers do burst due to poor installation and old age. When you have a burst geyser in Pretoria East, we can come to your premises to check if it is really a burst geyser. Sometimes it will be faulty safety valve that can cause water to overflow from the roof in Pretoria East.

This can result in a wet ceiling in Pretoria East and damage to property. Our team of plumbing experts in Pretoria East will do the assessment and advise you. If there is need for geyser maintenance in Pretoria East or geyser replacement in Pretoria East, you will now – for free! Yes we offer no call out fee for all call outs in Pretoria.

Burst Geyser in Pretoria East | What can cause a geyser to burst in Pretoria East?

Burst geysers generally happen at most inconvenient times like early in the morning or on weekends (when no one is working). Pretoria East Plumbers will ensure we are there at your time of need.

Bursts geyser are generally caused by corrosion of the cylinder or a pressure surge. This causes the cylinder to rupture and leakage from the ceiling is inevitable, resulting in damage to ceilings, electrics, cupboards and laminate flooring.

Geyser installations need to be installed by an experienced plumber and adhere to the SANS 10254 code by utilising the necessary valves and drip to comply with standards. We installs various geysers ranging from under counter Prisma geysers to 50l, 100l, 150l, 200l, 250l geysers.

Burst geyser in Sinoville
Pretoria East Burst Geyser

When faced with the unpleasant situation that your Geyser burst in Pretoria East and flooded your home, turn off the water supply line that goes to your geyser. If you are unsure of where the shut off valve is located, turn off the water supply to the entire house.

The cause of the geyser leak may be corrosion, which is probably related to the age of the water heater. In that case, you may want to call a water damage restoration company to cleanup the flood and restore the property to pre-water damage condition.

However, another reason for the leak may be too much pressure in the water heater and that is potentially a dangerous situation. Geysers have a temperature-pressure (TPR) valve that is usually set to 400kpa.

Pressure Control Multi-valve 400kpa
Pretoria East Pressure Valve Replacement

However, when there is a malfunction in the TPR valve or in the system as a whole, the built up pressure can cause the water heater to literally explode.

To prevent this from happening, turn on any hot water faucet and let the water flow for a while to depressurize the geyser. Then, turn off the power switch to an electric water heater unit.

Faulty vacuum breakers in Pretoria East

Enabling precautionary measure in the form of Vacuum breakers on your geyser in Waterkloof is an absolute must to ensure that it will not burst. Pretoria East Plumbers will gladly inspect your Vacuum breakers to ensure good working order to safeguard you and your geyser from a possible burst.

At Pretoria East Plumbers we know that a faulty Vacuum breaker can result in a geyser burst and thus is an integral part of your safety system to ensure minimal loss in the form of a burst geyser.

Pretoria East faulty safety Valve

Pretoria East faulty safety Valve can cause a geyser to burst like so many in Pretoria East. The function of this valve fitted to all geysers in Waterkloof removes pressure from the geyser when it starts to overheat or build up extra pressure.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that your Temperature and Pressure valve is always in good working order to protect your investment in Pretoria East.

Pretoria East Plumbers will gladly inspect your valve to ensure proper working order to prevent the loss of a burst geyser.

Leak in ceiling in Pretoria East

Waterkloof leak in ceiling is normally caused by a leaking pipe or leaking pressure valve. The possibility always exist that it could be a burst geyser and that is why it listed here for the Waterkloof area.

To ensure that minimal water pressure will ruin your investment in Waterkloof it is advised to contact Pretoria East Plumbers now for immediate action.

Geyser Element Replacement in Pretoria East

Due to a faulty thermostat in Pretoria East, the geyser element will heat continuously and develop a fault. This means there will be a need for a geyser thermostat replacement in Pretoria East.

The rule of thumb is whenever a plumber in Pretoria East is changing your thermostat, make sure they also change the element.

Geyser Replacements done by professional, licensed plumber

Has your geyser started leaking or is your water not heating up? Don’t wait, get your geyser replaced same day.

No matter who your insurance is we can help you. All our area agents have experience dealing with insurance companies to make sure you get paid out.

Geyser replacements of burst geysers is our specialty at Akasia plumbers, we have a full range of geyser brands and sizes in stock so we can help you after hours in most cases.

Running out of Hot Water

The most common sign of problems with your Geyser is problems with hot water. Most water heaters are 150L – 200L in size which is a lot of hot water but over time mineral deposits build-up around the heating element, less and less heat reaches the water and the hot water supply diminishes. Eventually, the constant heating the Geyser begins to leak, or the element itself needs to be replaced. Noisy Geyser.

The second most common sign of a failing Geyser is popping or banging noises. This is also related to the buildup of mineral deposits in the tank. As the water heater tries to heat the water the deposits insulate the heat from the water causing the tank to overheat and make these noises. This constant overheating of the tank causes metal fatigue and the tank eventually fails and starts to leak.

Cloudy or Hot Water that smells

Cloudy or water with a smell is a sign that your geyser is failing.

Rusting and Leaking geyser or valves and fittings

Rusting is inevitable at some point your geyser will rust because of the water and steel which the geyser is made from. Geyser use an anode rod to prevent corrosion, this rod will eventually be depleted by natural corrosion. This is when the corrosive forces attach to the tank and connections causing them to eventually leak or burst.

Faulty Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (TP Valve)

Every geyser should have a temperature and pressure relief valve installed, also every Geysers have a safety relief valve to release pressure. If this valve becomes faulty or is capped off, the tank can explode with the force of a small bomb! Never cap off a temperature and pressure relief valve, you must replace any faulty or leaking values.

Leaking water from your Geyser

Leaking water from the tank is the most common obvious sign of a geyser that needs to be replaced before it damages your home. A leaking Geyser can flood your entire home.

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What are the Top 3 traits Pretoria East Plumbers possess that differentiates us from other plumbers?

  1. Local – based business – We are a small are locally operated business that prides ourselves on great customer service. We are not like other bigger franchise plumbing companies that may consider you as just another “number”
  2. Complete transparency –  We’ll always keep you in the loop. We do free quoting and always chat with our customers before we begin with pricing. We’ll give you all the possible options and solutions at the very beginning of the service
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